If you’re like me, you’re a total introvert and after dealing with large crowds you fall into the sweet seclusion of total hermitage. If you’re also like me there’s a side of you that just doesn’t really like people all that much. Well this last weekend my parents came to visit, which was absolutely lovely!! I got a real bed (I’ve slept on a futon for the past year) and we had lovely family movie nights. It’s been strange not being home this summer, so it was really great having them stay with me because I don’t see them or talk to them everyday anymore. But it was also the 4th of July…between Thursday night, a day of shopping on Friday, Navy Pier Saturday and Sunday night (I’ve been involved with something down there, I think I told you? This last weekend I felt ready to murder someone…) and a long trip to a busy Target, I just really can’t stand people. It’s now Wednesday. I haven’t left my apartment since my parents went back to MN which was Monday afternoon. Avoiding all interaction with human life. Don’t worry, I’ve kept busy! I haven’t just been sitting on my couch watching Netflix. Still, I think it’s healthy for us introverts to have that time to recharge and lock ourselves in from the rest of the world. It keeps us sane.

But now I’ve had my couple days and my hermitage must end. It’s definitely turning into the weekend for reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Tonight my dear friend Rachael came for a girls’ night. It was so great to catch up with her, we haven’t seen each other in months. She came at 7:30 and had only planned to stay for a couple hours, but only just left moments ago (The clock reads 11:11. Make a wish!). Oh how time flies! Tomorrow not only does my new bed come, but I get to see Luke! Remember Luke? I haven’t seen him since that last adventure we took which I talked about in my post, “A graveyard kind of peace.” I miss him greatly. So he’s next on my list. Then sometime this weekend another of my friends might be coming into the city for Taste of Chicago, so I might get to meet up with her! And Friday I might potentially go to a concert. More crowds…huzzah. Monday-Wednesday might just become my new “No Human Interaction” time slot with how my weekends are turning out.

It really is great having friends you can not talk to for months at a time and then when you see each other nothing has changed. Such blessings. It’s refreshing and uplifting. Especially if you reconnect with a certain friend who is one of the only people who understands a certain aspect of your life. You forget that they know, that they are one of the few who can help you, so when you’re in a bad place you might feel like you’re floundering but then weeks later you’ll see them and you’ll recount your experience and while they weren’t there at the time, even if you’re all better and your insides (or outsides, depending on the circumstances) are bandaged up, their words or just their knowing smiles are still a healing salve and their understanding is a reminder that you were never alone and never forgotten. It’s a beautiful thing. But some friendships require staying in touch. Don’t let them slip through your fingers. Sure, friendships change or fade throughout time, but just because they might not be someone you can go months without speaking with and still maintain a strong bond doesn’t mean their presence in your life isn’t valuable or blessed. Sometimes people forget. Some people are “out of sight, out of mind,” but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in their hearts or that they don’t want to be a part of your life. They haven’t forgotten your existence, they’re just merely distracted with other things that are right in front of them, which we can all be guilty of!

Bottom line, don’t forget your friends, appreciate the place each one has in your life, what they do for you and remember how you became so close. Thank your friends for all they’ve done for you. Contact someone who’s face you remember as a face of 8 years old. Maybe an old friend of 12 years ago can be a new friend of tomorrow. I like making new friends :] and if your parents want to come visit you, jump with joy and welcome them into your roommate’s currently empty bed with no hesitation! Don’t forget that while you may be growing up, your parents are growing old (Mom, Dad, I’m not calling you old, I’m just saying that time flies faster than we think and we youngsters can’t get too caught up in our youngster experiences, most of which are really trivial in the grand scheme of things, or you’ll be gone before we realize it’s too late to enjoy being adults with you!).

Family bonds, people. Family bonds. In the end they’re really all we can truly hold on to.