Ahh. The A.C. has been turned off, the pumpkin lattes have returned, and the leather jacket has been broken out. My friends, I do dare say that Fall is on its way! One week until October. My favorite time of the year. I’m just itching for the cold, for blanket forts and leather boots, for apple orchards and strolling through parks. If you’re a writer or a bookworm like me, Autumn is your dream. There’s nothing more wonderful than sitting in a park under and amidst the changing leaves, cozy in an oversized sweatshirt, your book or journal propped against your blanket-wrapped knees with a thermos of hot apple cider tucked against your hip. It makes my heart sigh. Does anybody know what I mean when I say that Autumn has a certain “scent” to it? That’s what I love most. The scent of the Autumn wind. So different from the summer or winter breeze, and so incredibly refreshing I can taste it. It’s started getting colder, but the first day I walk out my front door and am greeted with Autumn wind’s scent…I may just cry.