I have a very close friend who’s currently going through chemotherapy for stomach cancer. Today I asked her how she was doing and she said that the 10 year old boy she took chemo with passed away yesterday morning. Needless to say my heart instantly dropped. Such a tragic end for such a short-lived life. We get so caught up in the trivial details of our own admittedly fairly mundane lives, that so many of us forget that these things are going on until we see it face to face. Even then, it’s hard to believe it’s real. Then my friend told me that she met the boy’s parents and they had bought her a membership to the Art Institute here in Chicago because their son told them that she had wanted to see the Impressionism exhibit before it closed. Oh. I just can’t. And her coworkers piled together some cash, signed all of their names on a lovely card I hope she hangs on her wall, and told her to take the day off.

It’s just a lovely little reminder that there is beauty amidst sorrow. That there really are naturally wonderful people in the world, that there is good to be found. Sometimes we forget. And it’s a reminder that there are people out there experiencing more pain and more sorrow than I am and probably ever will. We’re allowed to cry and wallow for awhile and a day, but eventually we have to pick ourselves up and look to helping those who need it the most. We need to make note of these little reminders and look outside of ourselves. That’s what creates the good in the world some so rarely see. That’s what makes life worth living.