It snowed today!!! At least, here in Chicago it did. I worked a double shift at work today, and my hostess stand is right in front of these big windows, so I spent the whole day watching it snow. I walked outside and nearly screamed for joy. As I walked to the train I watched the snowflakes land on my gloves and it was cold enough for them to remain whole.

Some of them were so frail and fragile and light, they looked like cobwebs gently glazed over with ice. Some of them were so small and compact they looked like little snowflake sprinkles :] it was wonderful. In front of my apartment building I was seconds away from asking two little girls and their parents – total strangers – if I could join in their snowball fight. Alas, the stress of finals and a paper I had to get started turned my feet towards home. The moment I got upstairs I called my friend and said, “Ok, here’s the plan. I’m going to zip through this paper. Then we’re going to go play in the snow. Yes, I realize we have no snow clothes, but then we change into cozy pajama pants and build a blanket fort and watch the Snow Queen!” I was pretty excited, and was plotting elaborate schemes for our snow adventure. Unfortunately, he was out of town, so we will have to save our snow antics for another day.

I love winter. I love snow. So many people hate snow, and I’m thinking, Well if it’s going to be this cold outside we might as well have some snow to go with it. Right? Right. Now’s the time for wassail and cookies with sprinkles and a whole slew of other things including the most important part about winter treats…fudge. Good ol’, homemade, chocolatey, frozen fudge. Three meals a day, that’s all you need ;]

So many people get worked up this time of year. Finals, Christmas shopping for family members who don’t provide lists, or trying to find white elephant gifts that aren’t a total bust, meeting deadlines, working the Christmas rush, booking flights…it’s such a stressful time for so many when I feel like December is the time to take a deep breath and smile, because it’s a time of joy, family, and pure freedom! Or…at least it should be. It is for me! My challenge for you is to do something wintry and fun every day this month. It can be small, so that if you do have a lot going on you can still enjoy a small treat to take a momentary load off your mind and/or feet. Pretty soon I’ll be posting a list of some ideas in my Seasonal To-Do’s. I should have done this a week ago, but I don’t feel like it’s really December until the snow flies (let’s just hope it stays).