I always forget to appreciate environmental silence. Stillness, if you will. Sometimes I’ll go looking for it, but that’s not the same as when you’re graced with it’s presence. I say it this way because I don’t think of silence as something being absent. I feel I’ve been visited by something special.
I moved to a city apartment in Chicago from a quiet neighborhood in Rochester, MN. On a cold winter morning I would walk outside to a heavy stillness that couldn’t even be touched by the hum of my car warming up. It’s a rare morning when I walk out of my Chicago apartment and there’s very little life. No trains going by…no traffic…maybe just a couple of people on the sidewalks. It’s a special morning when this happens, because now I notice it, and it fills me with peace and pleasure. Today was one of those mornings. Granted, it didn’t last long, but it was such a blessing because my morning didn’t start out that great. It isn’t something you can listen for, it just comes upon you. So be aware and be thankful when Stillness pays you a visit. You can always find a silent haven for sanctuary. But when the world around you has stopped to breathe, it’s a wondrous thing. Happy Thursday!