I know Thanksgiving is behind us, but Christmas is ahead and both are a time for love and family. So this past Thanksgiving, continuing on through the rest of the holidays, I remain thankful for company.

It’s strange how one loss or one change in your social structure can leave you feeling completely barren of all fellowship. Despite the many people in my life, I was feeling somewhat lonely the last few months (and this is coming from a girl who would ditch and hide during her own childhood birthday parties). But I’m very blessed to have a close-knit family and a family outside of my blood-relatives, and this holiday season I’ve been reminded of that. On November 26th, when I was on the train to my last class before my flight to Baltimore, I was talking with a CTA worker who didn’t have a four-day weekend like myself. I forgot that there were people who wouldn’t get home for Thanksgiving, or might not get home for Christmas, because while the rest of us are stuffing all of the pies in our faces or ladling wassail into mugs, the world still needs to run outside of our cozy homes. Some people don’t have a home to go back to or friends that they can visit – or perhaps they are short on the funds to do so, or have miserable times at family functions. So I am grateful for all of the people in my life, whatever role you might play. Thank you for giving me a family outside of my family. And if you know someone who doesn’t have a place to go for the holidays, invite them to join you! This season is about companionship and love, if nothing else. So open up your hearts – you don’t know who’s you might touch!



**I went to visit my friend Amanda in Baltimore for Thanksgiving, and we successfully made Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves!! We only filled the kitchen with smoke twice!!


White chocolate raspberry cheesecake (I did the swirls)  🙂

IMG_1813                                     Potato peeling







   Love this girl.