Today people are marching for women’s rights all around the world. People in other countries are even coming together to show support and solidarity. What a beautiful thing, to support those you don’t even know and seemingly aren’t connected to. Building bridges instead of walls. That’s what life should be about, both literally and metaphorically.

We are all one people, and today is a wonderful demonstration of that.

In Moana (yes I am using Disney in my argument) her ancestors were voyagers. They saw the sea as something that connects them to other places, as a means of reaching the other side, not as a divider or an obstacle to cross as most people tend to think.

That’s really stuck with me, and I feel the need to remind everyone of it after everything that’s happened. We need to focus on what can bring us together, not on what can keep us apart.

What connects us to our neighbors over borders and to strangers across the sea? The things we love – food, music, passion, laughter, and in the same way we all want and deserve to share these things with each other, we all want and deserve to share the same rights.

Across different cultures, different genres, different traditions, it is these passions and these interests that connect us, and we should strive to learn the traditions of each for every culture and kind of people.

We all need to grow in our minds and in our hearts. We need to find connections of the spirit, and today so many people are doing just that.

I had a Feldenkrais lesson today and feel it’s relevant to say that Feldenkrais aims to make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant. We already know these things are possible. Even if it’s a small one, let 2017 be a step toward elegance.