Silver Linings

always searching for that bright light to hold on to

Presentations & Telenovela

First off, the presentations this last week were great. Very creative and very entertaining. Ted’s and Brandi’s were probably my two favorites. The costume one was disappointing. It was a good idea in theory, and Bridget’s elderly woman was great, but I didn’t really learn anything that I didn’t already know. I ended up going to my mom for help anyways (she’s a seamstress and costumer). I was hoping to get more information specifically about shoes and daytime v.s. evening wear, or what other styles there were that wasn’t the growing trend of a “suit.” Still, it did help me figure out what I’m doing with my hair.

Doing Stage Door like Telenovela was so entertaining to listen to outside in the hall. I agree with you that this is where our training screws us over sometimes. I remember a day when I would have been waay over the top but lately I’ve been finding myself more and more stuck in one single mindset. I feel more limited, when half the fun of performing is the playing we get to do. I was thinking about it out in the hall and was like “yes, this would great if…” and then I’d get in there and it would fly out the window. I’m an over-thinker about everything in life and I need to learn not to be.

It was great!! On Wednesday in my Scenes & Songs class that I have before Character & Ensemble we were playing around with physicality and we had a couple few do a silent scene (individually). The first two had a letter in the middle of the floor, but then my teacher put a table in the center of the room and I was like (in my head) “VIEWPOINTS!!” and instantly had my own story for the scenario we were given and was rather disappointed I didn’t get a turn. It’s all coming together, Scott! There was also an instance during my Stage Combat class that I was like “Oh, I have to remember to put this in my journal for Scott!” and of course, now it’s gone. BUT there was a connection somewhere in there this week.


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