Silver Linings

always searching for that bright light to hold on to

Stage Door

I really like this play and this scene. It was frustrating when we were talking about how to make the set, though. Before Columbia, back home in Minnesota, there were many circumstances in choir or theatre where I was the “person in command”, so to speak, or it was me and one or two other people, and when other voices were involved it was very organized and discussion was easy. Since coming to Columbia I prefer to stay more in the background, simply because it’s a very different personality dynamic, I am an introvert, but whether I stay in or out of the conversation, it’s definitely more frustrating and confusing and everyone’s talking at once and not understanding one another when it really isn’t that hard to figure these things out, and so often I want to raise my hands to shush everyone and just take a deep breath before continuing on in a calm, relaxed manner.

I feel like the girls should bring things to make it more homey and give me something to gawk at…like if they had any clothes or books or anything else that might be strewn about? I don’t know how strict or loose Orcutt is about keeping the main room tidy with that many girls there and with Mattie as a maid. I also increasingly realize that I could never be a director. I would love it, and once upon a time considered it, but I’d be terrible. I’m a writer and a performer so I would have a very specific, very precise vision of how I’d want each character to be played, and while directors should have a vision, as a performer I hate having micro-managing directors, and I know that’s what I’d be. I found the first two days working on this very frustrating yet absolutely hilarious at the same time, particularly near the end. Also, I like playing the wealthy, snobby mother. I don’t play weaklings well, so this is fun!


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