Silver Linings

always searching for that bright light to hold on to

Viewpoints Week 2

I missed class on Monday but it wasn’t hard to get back into the groove of things on Wednesday. The energy warmup was much different than when I did it with Hannah. I didn’t feel the connection as strongly, maybe because neither of us were experiencing emotions of such extreme (or I wasn’t, at least). It took more focus this time and it took longer, but the warmth eventually came and the tingling was more of a buzzing numbness. The connection actually felt stronger as we stepped apart from each other. I was focusing on keeping the connection intact, as she might have been also, and it stayed with us even as we turned around. I closed my eyes immediately, before we were instructed to, so I wouldn’t lose the feeling of it. We ended up back in the same spot as when we started, which was awesome. Still, it didn’t have as strong an effect on me as the first time. Of course, it’ll be a different connection with everyone.

The first flow session we did was very hesitant. I hadn’t been there for the giving and sharing weight addition, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from everyone. It was interesting to watch. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do so I just kind of followed everyone else’s lead. Yes, it turned very Martha Graham-ish. When Courtney and I were sharing weight it started because we ran into each other. I was walking backwards (I think she was too) and we ran into each other. We paused for a moment, and then explored the energy. It was a very comfortable connection. With the Witches of Eastwick, I first thought of us as sorority sisters, or as a type of clique. I like the Witches of Eastwick much better. And I would be the Queen of the witches. My life. It was hard to scratch that particular connection because the witches kept popping up in each flow session after.

The next flow session was fun. I explained it a little bit already in class, but I saw Hannah and I as best friends but I was secretly in love with her. It’s so great she actually thought the same thing. And Emily was my accomplice in trying to get us together. She put our hands together at one point, recognizing that our energies weren’t meshing with hers as well as with each other. I don’t really remember the other connections made during that flow session. Nothing of consequence. Although I do remember Almanya taking us on an “acid trip” as Hannah described it.

The Teenagers From Space flow session was awesome. Emily got me first. My gesture was of a broken, lonely sort. She had a gesture that touched my heart. I followed her and felt very welcomed. She took me under her wing and I was shy and nervous to stray from her side. I felt like a part of something. When I started snapping and helping recruit others, it wasn’t sinister in my eyes. I wanted others to experience this “family” that I had found. Of course, that’s how I was brainwashed. Then when we started snapping at Brandi something hit me and I remember thinking, Wait, what’s going on? I didn’t crouch down like the others. I stayed standing and did my broken gesture to Brandi, as a way of telling her that I was on her side. I was still shy and unsure of what to do, but I suddenly felt very protective of her and when Ted started snapping again I got pissed. But Brandi can take care of herself. It was crazy that the entire class got involved. Loved it. And I loved not starting on the wall.


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