Silver Linings

always searching for that bright light to hold on to

Week 10

So we did viewpoints as our characters. Not sure how I felt about this. It was frustrating, because my character doesn’t want to converse or associate myself with any of the other characters, except maybe my daughter, or Dr. Randall. But Terry or Keith was always hanging around and I didn’t want to associate with them. Normally during Viewpoints – or at least in the beginning – I want to hang out by myself. But this time it wasn’t so much because I wanted to but because I felt like I had to. I didn’t want to be by myself but Mrs. Shaw doesn’t like any of the other characters. So it was kind of a meh flow session for me. Although this day Linda and I did create a mother – daughter bond in the midst of that animosity.

I liked the viewpoints in the house, though, and I like the breakthrough I had with the piano. It made me intrigued instead of outright disgusted. I was a complete outsider but I sat on the bench and was curious about Big M and her nervous restlessness (I can’t tell if that was Maren or Mrs. Shaw, though). But I went to the piano and had a moment with it and had my breakthrough. Then The Orcutt came to hear me play and I had to shut the lid and walk away. She followed me somewhat after that, which I did not appreciate. But I found myself wandering around the house a bit more freely, going into the kitchen to see what there was to this house. Still, I think Olga would be the only one I would have respect for.

During one of the runs Lizzie and I also had the breakthrough/realization that we open the door the same way. Like mother, like daughter! We even did it at the same time once. I’d like to try to keep that 🙂

Oh my gosh, Susan Paige is a riot. I was in the classroom when you guys worked on the end scene and I could not contain myself. It was so perfect and I just have nothing else to say. Even our little interlude in my scene…it’s just so great being snarky and pointed at each other.

The mink really helps me get into character 🙂


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