Silver Linings

always searching for that bright light to hold on to

Week 11

I feel good about where our scene is at. I wish I could sit and watch the rest of it when I’m not onstage. But it gives me time to eat my lunch! I did enjoy the other class’s scene. Some characters were stronger than others of course, but everyone had a clear view of who they were. I’m not going to go into the comments I said in class, because I think enough was said and understood.

I think the final scene went well today! I’ve kind of been on the same level throughout this whole process, so it didn’t really feel much different than any other run through for me, but overall it just felt more finished, so to speak, and I did enjoy my exchange with Susan Paige more. I agree that I felt more superior – I didn’t before and that bugged me and so THAT was an excellent thing about today! It was fun having an audience, but didn’t really change anything, again. It was hard for me not to laugh though when Lizzie says “He is married” and I did the eyebrow and people were like “Ooohh…” I also made my exits a little faster because I wanted to try and exit at the same time as Lizzie because we left the same way – another mother/daughter moment I wanted to have. Plus it just felt right. I’m excited for Story Theatre. I know a lot of people who didn’t like it, but I think it will be fun!

I’m excited to do viewpoints again.


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